Fact: 1 in4 Wills are never found!

It is believed that through fair means or foul, a quarter of Wills written are never acted on.

So why store with us?

Our Will and Document Storage Scheme offers a substantial range of benefits.

You have peace of mind knowing that your important documentation and paperwork is safe and easy to locate. Your documents are stored in a fireproof and tamperproof secure facility.

You can also benefit from having valuable access to our free Advice Helpline as well as a free annual Will update service, This allows you to make minor changes to your Will (free of charge) e.g. New beneficiaries, Change of address etc.


Key Benefits

Secure Storage

Secure Storage of your Will and Associated Documents, irreplaceable paperwork is kept safe, secure and completely confidential.

Annual Update Service

Changes such as new address details if you move house or the inclusion of new beneficiaries

Peace of Mind

You can be safe in the knowledge that your Will is going to be available at the required time. We will make sure that only the people you have chosen have access to your Will.

I.D. Cards

To ensure only the people you selected have access to your Will, we use I.D. Cards for added security.

LEAGL STORAGE legal storage for your WILLS and associated documents